Hi, welcome to Henry's Sudoku Solver! To get started, upload an image of a sudoku puzzle below, click "Upload", and then click "Solve"!

Image Requirements

Currently, images must be black and white sudoku print-out puzzles. The puzzle must have a black border around it. As I improve the code and the training, it will be able to accept a wider range of images but for now it only works when these requirements are met. Feel free to try it out with any of the examples below (right click and save image, then select that image for upload).



If the solution has "X" in it instead of numbers, that means it wasn't able to find a solution. This could be because the problem you uploaded is impossible, but it is more likely because the program interpreted one or more numbers incorrectly. The image on the left should have small blue numbers showing what the algorithm thinks each number is. The digit recognition system is still young and has not received much training so it doesn't work perfectly with all fonts yet. Try a puzzle with a different font.

If it's not able to display a solution at all, that means it wasn't able to detect all 81 squares of the puzzle. Try to use a picture as similar as possible to the examples below. At this stage, the puzzle must be a black and white grid with typed numbers.